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book an intuitive reading

Get insights into what may keep you from moving forward,  what may be blocking you in life, what goals to pursue, or get insights into unexplored talents or important areas of your life


Find renewed happiness in your body and your mind with the time tested methods of Ayurveda. Increase energy, lose weight & gain health through nutritional therapy or the Buteyko breathing method.

Join my Woman's empowerment groups

Feel connected, inspired and supported Share, care and be of service. Learn and implement new health strategies. Connect with others on a heart level. Enjoy, have fun & thrive within yourself!

Client Video Testimonials

Further Client Comments

"From the first moment I met Kay, I knew she would be an inspiration and an inspiration she has been. I was in a rather troubled place both physically and mentally when I first contacted Kay, but she has been instrumental in helping me change my life and get to the brighter, healthier, happier place I am in today. I cannot thank Kay enough for her part in that.

Laura, Salisbury

'I had a wonderful intuitive reading with Kay. 

"What stood out for me most was the sense of trust; I immediately felt safe and at ease, allowing me to focus wholly on what she shared.

I felt validated and seen, and she was able to articulate something that for me has been a vague concept in my head. I felt uplifted and deeply connected to myself after the reading."

Denise Chester, Confidence coach

"Kay has a marvellous gift for supporting and motivating people towards better health, and it goes without saying – she really knows her stuff! The course she created worked beautifully and all six of us made great strides on our health journeys."

Phill Barnett, Lancashire


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