' Kay is the most amazing nutritional therapist you'll ever meet. She is incredibly humble, and motivated purely by bringing good health, great nutrition and delicious recipes to everyone.'  Bear Grylls - Fuel for Life

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Improve the wellbeing and productivity of your employees, reduce absenteeism and enhance overall company morale

Work on health issues such as IBS, depression, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, stress, PMS, migraines, cognitive decline, energy, eczema, high cholesterol, diabetes and more

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'Fuel for Life' by Bear Grylls and Kay van Beersum is a must have nutrition bible for every house hold. 
'This book has literally transformed the life of me and my family. Lots of useful, down to earth health information that even I could understand. The recipes are easy to make with no weird and wacky ingredients. So far everything we have tried has turned out delicious! We feel fitter, healthier and are losing weight too. My wife no longer feels bloated, but best of all is that my two sons seem to be able to concentrate on their homework for much longer and are less rowdy! I can't thank you enough.'
Jonathan Brookes, London