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Breath, Anxiety and Stress


We breathe in and out about 17.000 to 27.000 times a day. Yet we rarely pay attention to HOW we breathe and how our breath affects our wellbeing.

Do you breathe Slowly? Fast? Anxiously? Through the mouth or the nose?

By changing the way you breathe you can permanently change your response to stress, create instant calm and live a much more peaceful and balanced life.

The Buteyko Breathing Method


Russian doctor professor Konstantin Buteyko developed a training program in 1962 that allowed people to correct their breathing pattern and drastically improve physical and mental wellbeinf. This training program is now called the Buteyko breathing technique.


Contrary to popular belief, deep breathing and taking in lots of air can exascerbate our stress response and cause hyperventilation. A dysfunctional breathing pattern is one of the main drivers behind chronic hyperventilation, feelings of anxiety, sleeping problems, insomnia and respiratory disease.

Adjuct to therapy


Learning the Buteyko breathing techniques can greatly support the effectiveness of adjuct therapies such as psychotherapy, CBT and / or physiotherapy and other physical therapies.  The Buteyko breathing techniques allows you to regulate your own stress response in most situations, at work, at home and within a therapy setting.

The Buteyko breathing method does not replace the need for psychotherapy or other psychological support but provides a great adjuct.


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Is the Buteyko method right for me?

The Buteyko breathing method helps to restore your resilience to stress. It gentle yet effectively retrains your mind and body to react differently to external and internal stressors. It stimulates the vagus nerve, enhances nitric oxide production and optimises oxygen distribution throughout the body. All of these contribute to a healthier, more balanced stress response, better sleep, a healthier body and a quieter mind.
The buteyko method can furthermore support the following conditions:
Anxiety, asthma, bronchitis, chronic fatigue, digestive issues, fibromyalgia, hay fever, high blood pressure, hyperventilation, IBS, insomnia, long covid, nervous tension, panic attacks, rhinitis, sinusitis, snoring, sleep apnea and much more.

The Buteyko method consists of sets of exercises which are adjusted to a patients needs and health goals.


For optimal results the exercises must be practiced regularly and correctly. The exercises and practice time are dependent on your specific health condition and are best explained and monitored by a qualified Buteyko practitioner.

Kay is a qualified and registered Buteyko method practitioner. She offers free 15 minute phone or Zoom calls to see if working with the Buteyko method is right for you.