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The importance of the breath


Did you know that we breathe in and out about 17.000 to 27.000 times a day? Yet we rarely pay attention to HOW we breath. Slowly? Fast? Anxiously? Through the mouth or the nose?

By changing the way you breathe you can literally change your life and tranform your health. And you can start doing so today.

What is the Buteyko Method


In 1962 Doctor Konstantin Buteyko developed a training program that allowed people to correct their breathing pattern and improve physical and mental function. This training program is now called the Buteyko breathing method. The method consists of exercises which gradually reduce the depth of the breath and re-train the diaphragm, lungs and nasal cavity to function better.


Contrary to popular belief, deep breathing is harmful to both the mind and the body.

The Buteyko method works according to the principles of the Bohr effect, a recognized phenomenon within mainstream medicine. It explains why deep breathing does not improve the oxygen supply of our tissues, but rather depletes it. Deep breathing is one of the main causes of oxygen deficiency, chronic hyperventilation and respiratory disease.


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Is the Buteyko method right for me?

The Buteyko breathing method can alleviate ra number of health conditions such as:
Asthma, anxiety, bronchitis, chronic fatigue, digestive issues, fibromyalgia, hay fever, high blood pressure, hyperventilation, IBS, insomnia, long covid, nervous tension, panic attacks, rhinitis, sinusitis, snoring, sleep apnea and much more.

The key principles of the Buteyko method are to breathe lightly, to reduce the depth of the breath and to breathe through your nose at all times. This causes oxygen to be better absorbed by the body’s cells. As a result the nervous system calms down, the muscles, organs and brain are oxygenated properly and overall mental- and physical health improves rapidly.  


For optimal results the exercises must be practiced regularly and correctly. The exercises and practice time can be adjusted to your specific health conditions and goals and are best explained and monitored by a qualified Buteyko practitioner.

Kay is a qualified and registered Buteyko method practitioner. She offers free 15 minute phone calls to see if working with the Buteyko method is right for you.