Corporate Nutrition

Are you looking to improve the health of your employees? Would you like to reduce absenteeism and illness? Do you care for the happiness and health of those who work for you? Contact Kay for information on corporate nutrition packages

6 Week Nutrition Course & Private Consultations for course members


We spend a large part of our waking hours at work. Making the most of our working day on a physical and mental level is therefore crucial. Our daily food choices play a massive role in this picture. The right meals and snacks can help to enhance our productivity, balance our mood and energy levels, as well as our overall wellbeing and happiness. Once we understand which food & drinks cause our energy to crash, we can rectify this with small, easy dietary changes. A range of simple mind and body exercises can further complement this effect.

Kay's inspiring and often life changing courses will give your employees all the tools necessary to eat well and feel good at work, and at home. This not only benefits your employees, but in the long term benefits the company as a whole. Kay's courses are usually combined with individual nutritional consultations for the participants, enabling an even more focused approach for the wellbeing of your employees. 

  • Employee health improves

  • Productivity increases

  • Anxiety, stress and tiredness reduce

  • Absenteesim reduces

  • Employee satisfaction increase

  • Company morale enhances

A very valuable investment in our team and thoroughly enjoyed by all. Energy levels are definitely up! We are repeating the course for those who did not book on the first course.

M.Gradinger, Gradinger Bürotechnik, Eisenstadt

New Courses starting throughout 2019/2020

Kay is very personal, a truly great speaker. Interacted immediately with the group and became quickly one of us.

She speaks naturally and freely and its' really obvious these are subjects so close to her heart and she genuinely wants us to change bad habits, be happier and live longer! Thanks Kay - I've gotten loads from this course

Eva, Materialise, Southampton

'Kay's sessions have been a fantastic wake up call for the many people in our office dealing with digestive issues and other health conditions. 

As a company we have been thinking much more carefully about we eat and make changes to improve our daily lives. Anon, Materialise, Southampton

'Kay is the most amazing nutritional therapist you'll ever meet. She is incredibly humble, and motivated purely by bringing good health, great nutrition and delicious recipes to everyone.' 

Bear Grylls - Fuel for Life

An overview of some of the topics covered on this course

Nutrition & Disease - The Link

Learn how an unbalanced diet can lead to many types of illnesses and how to reverse this process, reducing sick days and absenteeism.

The Essentials - Fats, Proteins, Carbs & more!

Learn how to differentiate between carbs which fuel and carbs which drain us, the importance of consuming balanced protein sources throughout the working day, and which fats and foods support optimal concentration and brain health

Mental Health at Work & Eating for your body type 

Learn how your food choices can affect your mind & mood, at work and at home. Find out about your specific body type and learn which foods support you overall well being best.


Calories, Specialised Diets, Supplements & Super foods- Truths and Myths

Get an honest and professional insight into dieting, fasting, 

omnivorous, vegetarian and vegan diets, super foods and supplements, their advantages and disadvantages. Learn about the pro’s and cons of counting calories and how to eat healthy in an office environment.


The eating rules

Simple, straightforward, down to earth, doable, practical solutions to all our day-to-day eating hurdles, at work and at home. Time to bring all your knowledge into practice!












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