Health Blurps

Did you know that 'raw' chocolate is considered a health food? That curly kale contains more calcium than milk? That coconut oil can work wonders for digestive health? That cashew nuts can help you feel happy? And that there are more gluten-free foods available in your local super market than you can ever imagine?




Browse through the drop down menu of the Fuel for Life pages to broaden your nutritional horizon. Pick up some lush recipes along the way, of course using nothing but the healthiest ingredients.


There are so many surprising health facts to learn about the food we eat on a day-to-day basis and the things we should or shouldn't do to stay healthy.


The Fuel for Life section features information on super healthy foods, drinks and other interesting nutrition bites.


Feel free to email Kay with any questions you may have about a specific food or health topic. 





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