Kudos to Hemp

Being from Dutch descent, it is often assumed that I must know lots about the Cannabis plant. However, even as a student living in Amsterdam I stuck mostly to beer on a night out. It wasn’t until years later when I became a nutritional therapist that my interest in cannabis got peaked. But not for the obvious reasons…


Build muscle bulk with hemp


Last but not least, these amazing hemp seeds are also used to make protein powder. This protein powder offers many health benefits above your average artificially flavoured or sweetened whey protein powder. Just like the seed, hemp protein powder contains high amounts of fibre, omega 3 and all essential amino acids. And it is easy to digest.

A downside of this strange looking green powder is that it really tastes quite awful! So admittedly, it is hard to just mix it in with a smoothie or turn it into a tasty protein shake...


But fear not! I’ve come up with a really great way of using hemp protein powder by making it into SUPER tasty protein chocolate balls. These are absolutely delicious and make for an excellent post exercise snack. They taste a little like the inside of a Mars bar... Go test for your self. They only take 5 minutes to make.


How to make hemp protein bombs:


Ingredients: (for about 10 big balls)

½ Cup of hemp protein

Just under ½ cup of raw unsweetened cocoa powder (1/4th of a cup + 1/8th of a cup to be precise...)

½ Cup of sunflower seeds

2 Heaped table spoons of raw virgin coconut oil

1 Table spoon of olive oil (not the super strong tasting kind)

Pinch of himalayan crystal salt

Half a teaspoon of stevia powder

1 cup of dates




Briefly melt the coconut oil on the hob. Mix all ingredients apart from the water in a food processor. Blend until you have a very fine, semi-dry mixture. Now it is time to add the water. Start with 1/4th of a cup and blend again. if it still doesn't form into a dough, add a bit more more water (one table spoon at a time) until the mixture turns into a sticky ball. The mixture is now ready to roll in balls and eat. Or if you are patient enough, put it in the fridge for about 30 minutes which makes it easier and less sticky to roll them into balls.


Hemp plant
hemp protein powder

The Hemp plant, or better known as the Cannabis plant has a bit of a mixed reputation. The leaves of certain varieties of hemp are widely used as the well-known drug marijuana. But the hemp plant offers so much more than just a way of getting high. It's a medicinal plant with many healing properties. It also produces seeds that nowadays are pretty much considered a super food. They don’t get you high but they do get you very very healthy.


Hemp seeds - A complete protein and great meat replacer


Hemp seeds are an amazing source of protein. They contain all the essential amino acids and many more (20 in total) making it a ‘complete’ protein, just like meat. But what’s more, the seeds contain lots of fibre, as well as Omega 3, the healthy type of oil we need to keep our brain, skin and cells healthy. So if you're looking for a vegetarian burger alternative that combines all the goodness of meat (protein), oily fish (omega 3) and vegetables (fibre) opt for a hemp burger for your next barbecue. There are lots of great recipes to be found online.


Oddly crunchy and slightly nutty


You can buy whole hemp seeds with the hull still surrounding them. These make for an odd but very crunchy snack exceptionally high in fibre.


More commonly you’ll find the seeds de-hulled, which means their crunchy outer layer has been removed. In this way the soft and nutty tasting seeds are easier to eat and mix with other foods. They can be used to sprinkle over your morning cereal, added to salads, a smoothie or a burger pattie.


Extra virgin oilive oil, please step aside! Hemp oil has arrived


Hemp seeds are also used to press oil, which is high in omega 3, 6, and 9. Although its best not to cook with this delicate oil at high temperatures, this super healthy oil makes for a great salad dressing. Just mix it with some mustard, lemon juice, garlic, salt and pepper to add a zesty nutty flavour to our plate of greens


Don't milk a cow. Milk a seed instead.


Good news for lactose intolerant people or those trying to cut down on dairy, hemp seeds are also used to make milk which is sold in cartons at many super markets and health shops these days. Hemp milk has a rather indescribable flavour, meaning, nothing tastes quite like it... Try it in your morning porridge or mixed in a smoothie.