Nutrition, Lifestyle & Cookery Courses


Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to your health and wellbeing. Join Kay on one of her courses to learn more about healthy nutrition, living a more fulfilling life and cooking for longevity and happiness.




There are numerous theories about which foods are or aren't good for you, and every few years a new fad raises its head.

Should we drink milk? Fill our kitchen cupboards with superfoods? Is fat really that bad? Or is sugar the bad guy? How can we differentiate nonsense from the truth?


Unless you give nutrition your full time focus, it might feel like a very daunting topic. You may find yourself wondering how you will ever know enough to provide you and your family with a healthy life style.


Kay has dedicated years to develop a thorough knowledge of healthy nutrition as well as a healthy lifestyle. And her ultimate goal is to share this with you.


Her experience as a nutritional therapist as well as her very practical, no-nonsense approach to healthy eating and living make her courses, workshops and cooking classes  informative, down to earth and fun.


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