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Corporate Nutrition Courses

These inspiring and often life changing courses will give your employees all the tools necessary to eat well and feel good at work, and at home. This not only benefits your employees, but in the long term benefits the company as a whole. The courses are usually combined with individual nutrition consultations for the participants, enabling an even more focused approach for the wellbeing of your employees. 


Course benefits: You will not only increase company morale but also the health of your employees as well as employee satisfaction and productivity. Anxiety, stress, tiredness and employee turnover decrease at the same time.

Contact me by email or phone to discuss a course which suits your company's needs.

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Nutrition & Breathwork Packages

We are not just what we eat but also what and how we breathe.  Dysfunctional breathing has become extremly common practice in our increasingly fast-paced life styles, causes a range of detrimental side effects such as increased anxiety, reduced lung function and inflammatory or immune conditions.

Clients have found most benefit from a combination of guided dietary- and lifestyle advise combined with several sessions on correcting dysfunctional breathing patterns. For a package to suit your needs, contact me by email or phone.  Concessions and discount available.

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