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Individual Intuitive Readings

Gain profound insights into what may keep you from moving forward in life.

Service Description

During an intuitive reading I tune into your past, current and future self. Information that is useful for you to hear comes through intuitively, I narrate this information to you. An intuitive reading can give you profound insights into obstacles that may keep you from moving forward. It can provide insights into character traits or emotional blockages that you may not be consciously aware of, or that may be hindering you. It can also provide insights into unexplored talents, strengths or areas of your life that currently require your attention. Each reading is different and whatever decides to come through at that time, is what is most useful for you to know. The reading itself usually lasts about 30 minutes, this is then followed by a discussion and elaboration of the findings for 20-30 minutes, or as long as is required. The reading is recorded so you are able to re-listen to it in your own time.

Contact Details

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