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Mind, body, spirit

"From the first moment I met Kay, I knew she would be an inspiration and an inspiration she has been. I was in a rather troubled place both physically and mentally when I first contacted Kay, but she has been instrumental in helping me change my life and get to the brighter, happier and healthier place I am in today.

In the time I have worked with Kay she has become more than a nutritional therapist, she has become a mentor, counsellor and guide. At times she has really pushed me to think outside the box and explore other ways of living my life and to really think about what I want to achieve in life. When I met Kay, I was at a cross roads in my career, was very unhappy, unhealthy and just uncomfortable with who I was in relation to the world. Kay helped me to navigate my way through those feelings and helped give me the strength to pursue a more positive direction.

I am now much healthier, happier  and more contented in my life and I cannot thank Kay enough for her part in that. I also cannot thank her enough for opening my eyes to some of the ancient Eastern principles. It is absolutely fascinating and helped me so much more than the conventional western medicine and principles which I had been working with for years. It is something I know I will continue to explore.

Kay you are an inspiration!'

Laura, Salisbury