Nutrition Courses

A very valuable investment in our team and thoroughly enjoyed by all. Energy levels are definitely up! We are repeating the course for those who did not book on the first course.

M.Gradinger, Gradinger Bürotechnik, Eisenstadt

This course was such a welcome break from the working day and so informative and useful! Kay, you'll be pleased to know that we have already changed all the snacks and drinks in the kitchen and doing our brain exercises too.

Mary, Tools, London

Corporate Nutrition

From day one Kay was able to engage with the team and take them through the complex thing that nutrition is. As the sessions continued the office was buzzing with everybody talking about how they we’re changing their habits.

Her tailored, open & no-nonsense approach allows her to work with each group & individual in order to create a lasting impact on the individuals and the business as such. Thank you Kay!

Siddhartha Kunti, 

Managing Director & Honorary Consul Materialise

Didn't expect to enjoy the course. I was wrong. It was very enjoyable, educational and eye opening. Kay, you are a very knowledgable young lady. I learnt so much and feel better for it. Implementing all the changes together with my wife. 

Henry, Tools, London

I wish these sessions would last forever! Fantastic course.  A breadth of information and I loved Kay's passion. Really appreciate Kay's standpoint on the environment as well. 


Loved the course, recipes and wonderful advice. You have really given me 'food for thought'. All the information was very eye opening and has made me think very carefully about what I put in my body.

Anonymous, London

My afternoon tiredness is gone Kay. This has been such a useful learning experience. I even feel like exercising more, which is nothing short of a miracle! 

Phoebe, London

About a year ago I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, a truly terrifying and exhausting condition. It prevented me from working and made me a prisoner in my own home. It is very difficult to express the massive difference Kay's help has made to my life.


She recommended very specific changes to my diet as well as some appropriate supplements, the combination of which turned the condition around.


I am not only almost better, but also 4.5 stone lighter, able to maintain a healthy weight and able to work, exercise and socialise again and feel more energetic than I have done in many years. This would not have been possible without Kay's support and advise. 


S. Blake, Hungerford, UK

Ulcerative colitis


After a total mastectomy I was at a complete loss. I felt lost in myself and lost in the world and very confused. I simply did not know how to move forward in life safely, if that makes any sense. A good friend suggested I see Kay for nutrition support. Our first meeting was eye opening, comforting, uplifting and simply amazing. I felt I finally found the support I was looking for. Kay gave me renewed hope, a more positive attitude and great advice on how to look after my body with the right foods, drinks and supplements. Our follow up sessions were equally uplifting and inspiring. I would say that every body needs a Kay! Kay you have been such an important part of my healing journey, I can't thank you enough. I no longer feel full of fear. I feel full of life, and it has been a very long time since I felt this positive. 

Jennifer S. Watford, UK


Breast Cancer recovery



I have had headaches and migraines for more than 30 years, and always find that: it takes another migraine sufferer to understand the pain that comes with the attacks. There isn’t much I haven’t read or tried to cope with my migraines, so I went to see Kay with little hope.


From our first meeting Kay put me at ease explaining her process and thinking behind the understanding of a migraine. She is also a great listerner and made it easy for me to open up and tell her what I thought my migraine triggers were. Kay came up with a list of food for me to avoid, explaining that my body couldn’t cope with it.


I used to have migraines once a week, THEY might have been food or stress related, but since Kay, I am now on week 10 migraine FREE. The whole experience has changed my life. Thank you ever so much Kay



Laurent Godard, Inkpen, UK


Food Allergies

Following your tailor made plan and excellent suggestions for diet and lifestyle advice, has helped me to get back to my original youthful weight and I feel and look much younger, more energetic, stronger and positive now.


Following your kind, reassuring but firm advice is gradually transforming my life in so many ways. I can now thoroughly enjoy eating your delicious recipes full of a variety of new tastes, textures, smells and colours, knowing that it’s doing me good and without fear of piling on excess weight due to eating all the wrong food.  Eating healthier does seem to make one happier!



Diana, Swindon, UK


Weight loss

Life style change


My IBS had become so bad I felt unattractive and embarrased and my social life was really suffering. Kay recommended some supplements and simple changes in my diet that I never would have considered myself. I have a practically flat stomach now, feel absolutely great and am without pain or discomfort most of the time.


S. Watanabe, Vienna, Austria


For more than 5 years I was on the highest dose of omeprazole. Severe stomach pains and acid reflux. Six weeks after seeing Kay and carefully following her advice I am now off omeprazole completely, which is nothing short of a miracle.


Tim, New York, USA


Acid reflux


I was training for a marathon and finding it difficult to keep my energy levels up. Kay’s advice and eating plan were perfect . She tweaked my diet to suit my lifestyle so it was easy to adjust to the new foods she introduced me too. The results were almost instantaneous and I ran my marathon in under four hours, a personal best!



Caroline, Marlborough, UK


I didn't quite know what hit me when the menopause started. Not only could I not sleep because of the hot flushes, my moods were all over the place and I gained weight quicker than I could eat! Kay recommended some very specific dietary changes, herbs and supplements.


Within 6 weeks I started to feel like my old self again. I stopped piling on the pounds and the hot flushes and mood swings practically disappeared too. A God sent! I think my husband is even more grateful to Kay than I am.



Seetha Kapoor, New Delhi, India


Personalised diets

Hormone balancing

I still vividly remember the first meeting I had with Kay when I was feeling utterly desperate due to severe sleep problems caused by stress. Even in that first meeting, for the first time in weeks, I suddenly felt that I was with someone who could help me on a holistic level as opposed to my doctor who just wanted to give me sleeping tablets. 


Kay was able to organise certain medical tests and combined with her qualified knowledge and her passion was then able to recommend the correct supplements based on my personal symptoms.



Over subsequent months the advice that she gave me, based on her years of experience combined with her patience, kindness and genuine concern, were an absolute life-line and provided an excellent recovery plan as well as being a beacon of hope.



Thanks to Kay my sleep and energy levels are virtually back to normal; I hate to think where I would be now though if it hadn't been for Kay's care. She's an absolute angel in my eyes! 


Jenny, Newbury, UK




I would just like to come and listen to you talk about food / life choices and lifestyle every week! It keeps me on track. Your course has been so informative. I have changed my diet and my family's for the better and am experimenting with the recipes given. Many, many thanks!

Paula, Berkshire

I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed coming to your Thursday evening classes. It's been so informative and helpful. I really wish it didn't have to end yet! You are so lovely and a truly gifted lady!!

Anna, Berkshire

I just want to say I am loving the course and learning so much. Really making me investigate my families food.

Cathy, Newbury

I could have kept coming to your course for weeks! It was inspirational on so many levels.

Lindsay, Newbury

Nutrition Courses

Lifestyle Change

Thank you for all the support you've given me throughout pregnancy, it has really helped! I wouldn't have been able to reduce my metformin without you. I've not ballooned which I thought I might and I will be completely coming off it as soon as Casper is born.

You have helped me overcome those last anxieties I had with food and learn to enjoy it. I love knowing what benefits I'm getting from each thing and experimenting with flavours. Before food was plain, boring and I got no enjoyment from it. Now it's social, fun and full of goodness. I'm trying to stick to natural remedies in future so nothing nasty passes into my milk. I would love your advice on future milestones when it gets to weaning and things like that too. Thank you again, I wil let you know when Little one has arrived!

Abbey, Reading



Dear Kay, I thought I would let you know that for the last ten days I’ve had a breakthrough with my sense of smell! I hardly dare tell you in case it stops again, but even if it does, at least I know that it is possible. I was on a walk with some friends and to my utter delight I got the faintest detection of a smell of bonfire. When I got home I stuck my nose into the fresh coffee jar and got a slight hit. I am sticking my nose into everything now and I only get a tiny hint of smell but at least it’s something and I can’t tell you how exciting that is. 

I have been religiously been taking the supplements you recommended and I have been continuing to use your anti-inflammatory/anti-histamine food list. I came off HRT a few months ago and haven’t, yet, had any adverse reactions. You may remember I was dreading this. So far the hot flushes have not returned and although my joints are a little stiff, it’s not as bad as before.  So, I just wanted to send you a special thanks for all your advice and understanding and to let you know what a fantastic difference I believe your help has made. 


Thank you again!


Ianthe B., Marlborough 



Chronic Health Conditions


HRT cessation





I went to Kay's detox workshop and learnt more about nutrition in an hour and a half than I have done in my entire life! Just fabulous. Have tried several of the recipes already and love them. Thank you Kay for a highly educational and entertaining evening!


Amanda, Hungerford, UK



I've always had an interest in health and nutrition but found it impossible to know where to find all the correct information. Kay's talk was just what I needed. Down to eart information provided in a nutshell, thought provoking, engaging, interesting, funny and all the information she relayed simply made perfect sense! My family and I are still reaping the health benefits of all the food changes we have made since. Highly recommend. 


Jan, Oxford





There is so much we don't know but should know. I feel I've learnt a tremendous amount in your session Kay. Very inspirational and useful.

Tom, Oxfordshire

Workshops   &   Talks





From the first moment I met Kay, I knew she would be an inspiration and an inspiration she has been. I was in a rather troubled place both physically and mentally when I first contacted Kay, but she has been instrumental in helping me change my life and get to the brighter, happier and healthier place I am in today.

In the time I have worked with Kay she has become more than a nutritional therapist, she has become a mentor, counsellor and guide. At times she has really pushed me to think outside the box and explore other ways of living my life and to really think about what I want to achieve in life. When I met Kay, I was at a cross roads in my career, was very unhappy, unhealthy and just uncomfortable with who I was in relation to the world. Kay helped me to navigate my way through those feelings and helped give me the strength to pursue a more positive direction.

I am now much healthier, happier  and more contented in my life and I cannot thank Kay enough for her part in that. I also cannot thank her enough for opening my eyes to some of the ancient Eastern principles. It is absolutely fascinating and helped me so much more than the conventional western medicine and principles which I had been working with for years. It is something I know I will continue to explore.

Kay you are an inspiration!'

Laura, Salisbury
















I thought I ate reasonably well. I work a physical job with long hours, regularly work-out at the gym & ride a bike and am physically active but I’ve always been a good 1 ½ – 2 stone overweight.

In the last 2 years I’ve had some medical issues which all pointed to my lifestyle. Getting frustrated I decided to take some action.


I contacted Kay. From the moment we spoke I felt I was receiving very professional advice which I could understand. During our consultation Kay’s passion & enthusiasm for healthy eating was so inspiring.

After our consultation Kay sent me a copy of her recommendations and went over them with me in a call.


That was not even 2 months ago and things have drastically changed with me around food & my eating habits. I’m not buying biscuits anymore, I’m making my own healthy ones. I’ve tried all sorts of new foods and am really enjoying it.

I don’t go hungry, I certainly don’t feel like I’m on a diet. I’m actually a little shocked how good I feel so quickly. I look so much healthier in my face and am losing weight.

I’ve had many women friends compliment me in the last few weeks on how well I am looking. That’s nice!

So please that I made that call. Thank you Kay!


Peter, Somerset UK

Feeling great, losing weight!





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